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You're certainly welcome to partake of this FLOURISH FLAVOR. The motto here is "Come Flourish with Me - United, We Make Things Happen." Together, we can engage to positively impact the lives of people who yearn for their hearts to be lifted from the unfulfilling familiar.

We all need encouragement and so many people are lonely, frustrated and depressed.


PHOTO FLOURISH, a department of my business, Solid Journey, license #70101848, was created to spread love, care and beauty through photos and words that certainly speak to hearts, souls and minds.

The photo products sold here include cards, calendars, key rings and magnets. Some of the selections are designed especially for senior citizens and men.

Years ago, Thank You cards were habitually sent to extend gratitude and appreciation. Currently, that's not so much a practice. Firmly, I believe that Thank You card extensions should continue to be a practice. PHOTO FLOURISH carries some stunning photos that can be used as Thank You cards.

Regularly, I send photo cards to folks to remind them that they are loved and appreciated. The recipients have expressed joy and pleasure from the cards that they've received.

Note: Some folks don't prefer e-cards. More than several people have shared with me that they prefer paper cards. One of my dear friends told me not to send him anymore e-cards for his birthday. He expressed that they aren't personal.

Photo products are a great and inexpensive way to spread love and care.

Thank you for your consideration and caring actions.

My business, Solid Journey, is located in Washington, D.C. The license number is 70101848.

You're welcome to e-mail me at

Photos here are Copyright 2012 - S. Hicks and M. Phelps


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Photos can also be special ordered in print sizes 5" x 7" and 8" 10".  Photo frames aren't available in the product line.

Note: The photos on here are labeled, "COPYRIGHT BY S. HICKS" or "COPYRIGHT BY M. PHELPS."  Those copyright notices are ONLY for display on this blog to discourage folks from copying the photos from here.  The original copies that are for sale purposes will NOT have that statement on the front of the photos.  The copyright/blog address statements will be on the back of the cards and key rings and in very small print on the front of the photo magnets. On the cards, text on the backs will be in black print.  On the key rings and magnets, the copyright/blog address text will be in very small print in colors that match the colors in the photos.

Example of what appears on the backs of key rings (see photo K7 6 below): 
Copyright 2012 - S. Hicks

Example: Whatever photos and/or words are selected for the front of the subject key rings will also appear on the backs accompanied by the address to PHOTO FLOURISH and the copyright statement.  The exceptions are the two photo key rings.  See examples K7 11 and K7 12 below. 

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Thank you for your consideration.

Size 2.25" x 1.6" key rings with photos and optional text.

Key ring sample:

#K7 2

Note: The words were changed
to be placed at the bottom
of the key ring rather
than in the center.

This key ring photo is also
available with the following
printed on it:

GOD Equips Fathers to
Lead with Powerful Impact - K7 2A

The K7 2A has a matching magnet.
(sold separately)

K7 3

This has a similar magnet and #N7 card.
(sold separately)

K7 4
K7 5

K7 7

This has a matching magnet
and #N7 card. 
(sold separately)

K7 8

This has a matching magnet
and #N7 card.
(sold separately)
K7 14

Note: Word position
was changed
to read as follows:

Whatever It is,
It's Not Bigger
Than GOD

This has a matching magnet.
(sold separately)

K7 15

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